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Dear customers and partners,

Please note all items below before you make an order for advertising / promotional, advertising, promotion or organization of events. If a single point contrary to your needs, please contact one of the colleges are colored telephone number 0721. 046. 015 or e-mail address office@publicitaria.ro, SC DAP Company Ltd is absolved of any responsibility that follows failure of one of the points below:
- Www.publicitaria.ro site and all its content, including without limitation all text and images, are owned and copyright (copyright) of SC DAP Company Ltd. except where otherwise specified. Use of any content is strictly prohibited without the written permission of the owner;
- Any personal data such as name, address, telephone number or e-mail address you send from this site, e-mail or other means are strictly confidential;
- The information on this site are for information. S.C. DAP Company Ltd. will not be liable to any person for any damages resulting directly or indirectly from the use www.publicitaria.ro site following any errors or omissions.
- All orders will be made in writing to the address or address office@publicitaria.ro one of our sales representatives, even after a phone call.
- Each work order will be given in service after signing the contract.
- All models made for carrying out publicity materials will be sent by e-mail address specified by the client for approval. When the client sends acceptance (BT's) on that model, SC DAP Company Ltd. will not be liable for any issues omitted entirely at the expense of customer. After sending BT's, SC PAD Company SRL their only responsibility for print quality and compliance's materials requirements stipulated in the contract.